Smart Reloader Media Separator


Smart Reloader’s Brass and Media Separator will quickly and easily remove tumbling media from hundreds of brass cases with a few dozen turns.

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The Brass and Media Separator from Smart Reloader is a cost effective, convenient and simple way for reloaders to remove the media from hundreds of your brass cases at once. It is suitable for use with both pistol and rifle cases and will hold 400pcs of the smaller 9mm pistol brass and up to 180pcs of large rifle calibres like .30-06.


The Brass and Media Separator is made from high quality plastic and can be dismantled and stacked for easier storage. The simple yet convenient lid ensures you don’t fling tumbling media across your reloading bench.



  • Quick and easy separation of brass and tumbling media
  • Durable high quality plastic construction
  • Large Capacity, holds 400 9mm or 180 .30-06
  • Can be dismantled for easier storage
  • Lid avoids mess