Hornady Bulk Bullets 22Cal 55gn FMJ-BT (100pk)


Hornady bulk pack FMJ-BT bullets come loose packed in a plain bag with a 100 count. This plain packaging option enables reloaders to enjoy quality Hornady projectiles at a reasonable price.

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Hornady bulk pack bullets offer reloaders traditional Hornady quality components at a reduced price through the use of plain packaging. These traditional bullets are .22Calibre 55grain Full Metal Jacket projectiles with a boat tail design and cannelure. Their boat tail design will deliver less drag and a flat trajectory throughout a varying range of velocities. These bullets offer hunters deep bone shattering penetration which is ideal for ensuring the pelt of your target species remains intact.

The Secant Ogive design of these bullets pioneered by Hornady delivers an enormously efficient ballistic profile all whilst maintaining an ideal bearing surface. The result is an incredibly accurate bullet that is used the world over for varmint hunting as well as match/target shooting. The plain packaging and subsequent reasonable price and of these bullets also enables shooters to enjoy plinking at the range for less.


Brand:                                   Hornady

Bullet Type:                          FMJ-BT (Full Metal Jacket – Boat Tail)

Calibre:                                 .22 Cal

Bullet Diameter:                 5.69mm (.224”)

Bullet Weight:                     3.56gram (55 grain)

Cannelure:                           Yes

Bullets per bag:                  100

Plain Packaging:                Yes