Nosler Ballistic Silver Tip Hunting Bullets 8mm 180gn (50pk)


Nosler Ballistic Silver Tip Hunting Bullets gives hunters Noslers outstanding accuracy and energy transfer of their ballistic tip bullets combined with a Lubalox® coating.

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Nosler Ballistic Silver Tip Hunting Bullets are an ideal projectile for stopping game dead in their tracks. The Silver Tip incorporates Noslers’ renowned ballistic tip that decreases aerodynamic drag and initiates deformation of the bullet to impart the maximum amount of energy to your target species. The bullet enjoys a tapered copper jacket that gets increasingly thicker towards the base.  This design makes sure the bullet mushrooms consistently throughout the velocity range yet still maintains its mass and imparts its energy. A Lubalox® coating is then added to the bullet which decreases friction in the barrel. The coating increases barrel life and decreases fouling. It ensures your bullets maintain the utmost of accuracy and makes sure you clean your firearm less and shoot it more. 



Product #:                           51693

Brand:                                  Nosler

Bullet Type:                         Spitzer (Polymer Tip)

Calibre:                                8mm

Bullet Diameter:                8.2mm (.323”)

Bullet Weight:                    11.66 gram (180 grain)

Bullet Count:                      50