RCBS Reloading Beam Scale


The RCBS reloading beam scale allows reloaders to precisely measure powder weights on your reloading bench.

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The RCBS reloading beam scale gifts reloaders with finite control and accuracy when measuring charge weights. The RC-130 scale incorporates a precision machined aluminium beam and metal plate poises that are easy to read and maintain accurate and repeatable measuring of powder. The base is moulded from ABS polymer ensuring a very light weight product unlike their cast metal counterparts. The critical beam pivot points are cylindrical, steel on steel construction providing the smallest possible contact point ensuring the highest possible accuracy. The RCBS beam scale enjoys true magnetic dampening that provides stable, accurate, repeatable and fast reading. The RCBS beam scale weighs up to 130 grains of powder in its static free powder pan with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 grain.



  • 130 grain capacity +/- 0.1 grain accuracy
  • Steel on Steel critical beam pivot points
  • Lightweight ABS Polymer construction
  • Non-Static powder pan
  • RCBS Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty