Speer Boat Tail Bullets 270Cal 150gn BTSP (100pk)


Speer Boat Tail Bullets are a perfect all round bullet for varminters, plinkers and hunters alike. Their design produces a low drag bullet morn than capable of taking mid sized game.

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Speer Boat Tail Bullets enjoy a spitzer design and a tapered base known as a boat tail. The highly aerodynamic spitzer spire point combined with the boat tail design ensures a very low drag coefficient. This produces a bullet that is less susceptible to wind and delivers flatter trajectories that results in superior accuracy. The soft lead tip provides consistent and reliable mushrooming of the projectile. Speer Boat Tail Bullets are ideally suited for taking deer sized game but are equally at home on the range or for varmint shooting.



Mfg’s Product #:                1604

Brand:                                  Speer

Bullet Type:                         BTSP (Boat Tail Spitzer)

Calibre:                                270Cal

Bullet Diameter:                7.04mm (.277”)

Bullet Weight:                    9.72gram (150 grain)

Cannelure:                          No

Bullet Count:                      100