Tinks Vanish Odour Eliminating Spray (473ml)


Tink’s Vanish Odour Eliminating Spray uses extensive scientific research to ensure your sent and the sent of your hunting clothes are invisible to game.

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Tink’s Vanish Odour Eliminator Spray uses proprietary technology known as Byotrol® that has enjoyed comprehensive laboratory and in field testing and has proven to eliminate odour causing compounds.  Commonly known compounds such as ammonia are expelled from the body largely through perspiration. Tink’s Vanish is capable of eliminating over 300 known compounds that cause odour.


During the roar when deer senses are at their most sensitive, common odours that are unnoticed or even pleasant to humans are a repulsive beacon to your game. Tink’s Vanish will eliminate your odour leaving you almost invisible to your game. Simply spray Vanish over you and your clothes before embarking on your hunt.  Tink’s Vanish will leave a microscopic physical barrier that adheres to your body and clothes ensuring you see your game before it smells you.


Brand:                             Tink’s

Product:                          Vanish Odour Eliminating Spray

Package:                        Trigger Pack Spray

Size:                                 473ml